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Experienced Representation, Personal Service for Huber Heights and the Miami Valley

Huber Heights DUI Attorneys

Ohio DUI/OVI Attorneys Protect Your Freedoms and Future

Our state legislature has enacted some of the toughest anti-drunk driving laws in the country: penalties for breathalyzer refusal and off-duty OVI arrests for commercial drivers are especially harsh. Any kind of DUI/OVI arrest in Ohio calls for the immediate participation of an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

At the law firm of Staton, Fisher & Conboy, our attorneys have more than 35 years of combined experience with DUI/OVI cases. We work hard to restore your driver's license and rehabilitate your reputation, carefully scrutinize every detail of your arrest and expose the frailties of field sobriety and breath tests for blood-alcohol content.

Our Huber Heights DUI lawyers know how much you depend on your motor vehicle. You need it to get to your job, meet your obligations and for your family. We do everything in our power to spare you the harsh penalties, insurance premium increases and general chaos that a license suspension or revocation can cause.

For full-service DUI/OVI legal representation that aggressively protects your rights, start to finish, contact our Dayton law offices of Staton, Fisher & Conboy L.L.P.

When Your Driving Privileges Are On the Line, Our Dayton Law Firm Can Help

Our experienced drunk driving defense practice features a comprehensive command of all aspects of DUI/OVI law.

We defend you if you are a commercial driver cited for DUI/OVI while on or off duty. These kinds of arrests can put your commercial driver's license (CDL) in serious jeopardy.

We represent you at administrative license hearings, in all courts, including federal court, if necessary.

We appeal your ALS and FRA (Financial Responsibility Act) suspensions and advise you on SR-22 bonds, for insurance purposes

We safeguard your interests in cases of "physical control" and Driving Under Suspension charges.

Contact us if you have been arrested for any form of drunk driving. Our DUI defense law firm counsels clients in cities such as Dayton, Huber Heights, Springfield, Miamisburg, Centerville, Xenia, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Greenville, Troy, Tipp City, Vandalia, Springboro, Kettering, Lebanon and surrounding counties.

Contact the Huber Heights DUI Lawyers of Staton, Fisher & Conboy L.L.P.

We can visit you at a police station or jail if necessary.

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