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Huber Heights Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ohio DUI Defense Attorneys Aggressively Protect Your Rights

  • Quality representation that gets results.

  • Client commitment that changes lives for the better.

You can receive both starting today, at the law offices of Staton, Fisher & Conboy in Dayton, Ohio.

We began our law firm more than 10 years ago to help people just like you — people in pain from domestic distress, a serious car accident or a false allegation of criminal activity.

Our caring attorneys welcome the opportunity to help you and your family. Contact us today and tell us, candidly and confidentially, how we can be of service.

Personal injury clients receive a contingency fee basis for our work. No attorney fee is owed unless we win your case and a settlement damage award that you approve.

If your injury prevents you from visiting our law offices, we can arrange to come to you.

Staton, Fisher & Conboy Serve You in Family Law, DUI Defense, and Personal Injury Matters

We extend competent, comforting representation of your interests for divorce and post-divorce issues.

We confront a negligent motorist's insurer with the facts of your serious accident injuries.

We question every aspect of your arrest for DUI, OVI, or OMVI including the "probable cause" for your traffic stop, the training of your accuser and the accuracy of their equipment.

We expose questionable police procedures, such as illegal search and seizure, in felony & misdemeanor cases.

You deserve full-service, Ohio-educated lawyers who speak your language and understand your problems. We work hard toward practical solutions to your problems and peace of mind for you at Staton, Fisher & Conboy, L.L.P.

Our Huber Heights Law offices serve clients in Huber Heights, and rest of the Miami Valley including the counties of Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Miami, and Warren.

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